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Hugh Bottled Water is Brockway, PAs convenient source for purified bottled water. Not reprocessed municipal water, but natural spring water and distilled water for water coolers in your home or office. We rent or sell coffee makers and water coolers for home or office settings.

Our Bottled Water Service Includes:

  • 5 gallon bottle - spring or distilled
  • 1 gallon - spring or distilled
  • 12 oz bottle
  • 16.9 oz bottle
  • hot and cold cooler dispensers
  • 5 oz flat bottom waxed cups
  • coffee
  • Coffee pot, coffee maker, and water cooler rentals and sales
  • crocks, covers & stands


Complimentary delivery service within 30 miles of Brockway, PA.

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Holt Drilling, Hugh Water Services and Hugh Bottled Water are divisions of Romida Inc.